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3 features of a great suburb
Sydney is an amazing city, with an absolutely enormous range of different things to do, see and enjoy. A big part of that comes down to diversity between the suburbs, and in fact each distinct area of the city has its own character and personality. This is great for those...
Mon November 07, 2016
Buying | Selling | Lifestyle
3 common property investment mistakes to avoid
Real estate has always been an attractive investment, offering both a stable value over time as well as the generation of continuous income - if you're smart about managing the property. The common perception is that buying a property to rent out is only really an option...
Tue November 01, 2016
Buying | Developers
3 top tips for a successful open home
There are plenty of different steps that you'll have to go through when selling a property, but one of the most important is undoubtedly the open home period. This is when you'll have potential buyers through the home for the first time, and the aim of the game...
Mon October 31, 2016
What you should be looking for in a tenant
With so many of Sydney's residents living in rented homes, investors that are looking to lease out a property play a huge part in keeping the city's population sheltered. In fact, with it becoming more and more difficult to get onto the property ladder for first home...
Mon October 31, 2016
Investors | Developers
3 things that have improved Sydney's property market
The Sydney property market has changed immensely over the last decade, with several developments making Sydney and the wider Australian property markets better both in terms of value and in the way buyers and sellers engage with real estate. Let's take a look...
Fri October 28, 2016
Buying | Market News | Lifestyle
Do's and don'ts when renovating before a property sale
For every Australian looking to sell their property, there is a strong desire to get as good a return on investment as possible. After all, a home is a significant purchase, and regardless of where you're looking to move next, it's always good to get as much as you...
Fri October 21, 2016
Selling | Lifestyle
Why you need a real estate appraisal
So you've decided to sell your home? Fantastic! Where do you start? For many sellers who aren't familiar with the process of selling, or the current property landscape, it can be difficult to work out what they can expect for their property, or even how they...
Mon October 17, 2016
Selling | Market News
4 ways to prepare for a rental inspection
For many residents of Sydney, home is a rental property. Whether you're saving up to afford the deposit on your first house or simply waiting for that perfect piece of real estate to come on the market after selling, there are a lot of benefits to be had from leasing a...
Thu October 13, 2016
Investors | Lifestyle
Sydney's property value growth continues through September
CoreLogic RP Data has released its latest figures for September 2016, and we now have a much better overview of how the Sydney and Australian property markets are looking. With Q3 drawing to a close, it's very clear that the trend in the capital cities is still...
Thu October 13, 2016
Buying | Selling | Investors | Market News
What are the most important relationships when managing property?
When it comes to great property management, the team at Laing+Simmons believe that relationships are crucial. Not just forming them, but ensuring that all connections are maintained to a high standard. Without this, otherwise simple tasks such as organising an...
Sun October 09, 2016
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